How to Track Santa Claus on iPhone, iPad, and Mac?

Where is Santa? Christmas is coming, and children start asking this question to their parents. Not knowing, parents satisfy the curiosity of their children with toys and gifts. Now any parent can answer the question about Santa! With the help of Santa trackers, you can find and show Santa's location to your children. If you have an iOS device,

Check out this guide to track Santa Claus on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. On Christmas Eve, Santa leaves the North Pole on his famous sleigh to deliver gifts.

The children are eagerly awaiting their gifts and continue to pester their parents with a single question: when does Santa come? Now you can show them Santa's journey on your iOS or Mac device.

NORAD and Google have already taken this initiative to track Santa to Christmas. NORAD - The North American Aerospace Defense Command, and every year this organization monitors the annual journey of St. Nicholas.

Track Santa with Google

Just go to the Google Santa Tracker website and explore a range of activities to keep your kids busy (at least they won't ask you about Santa and their gifts). December 21, you can follow Santa's journey around the world.

Santa Tracker keeps you happily busy because it shows the distance between Santa and your location. From where Santa is, to his next destination, this tracker website gives you access to the village of Santa, where you can play games and watch videos.

Parents who interested in their children education and developing their cognitive abilities should visit Santa Tracker for Educators. In this section, you'll find a repository of learning resources, such as PDFs and videos on geography, computer science, language, and social studies.

Your kids will love the world of holiday traditions, code labs, translations, Santa canvas, Quiz cards and much more that they can forget about Santa for a while and stop asking questions.

In addition to the Santa Tracker website, you can check Santa's location on your mobile phone. Open the Google Maps application on your iPhone or iPad and search for "Santa Claus."

There is another way to check where Santa is. To do this, update the Google Maps application on your iOS device. Go to the settings from the upper left corner. Then click on the "Location" option. Follow the steps above on Christmas Eve, that is, December 24th.

NORAD – Santa Tracker 2018

NORAD tracks Santa's journey, which takes off from the North Pole. Visit the NORAD website and you can explore the full range of features, such as games, movies, music, library and more.

You can also use the NORAD app to track Santa Claus on your iPhone or iPad. Want to get a call from Santa? Maybe, your kids would love to hear Santa's voice. Download the call from Santa! The app is on your iPhone or iPad, and Santa will call your children to find out their name, age, and some personal hobbies and interests.

Send a voicemail to Santa, wish list like you used to do in your childhood in the traditional way, but now you can do this with applications and websites. Also, track Santa's progress from within the app.

If your child doesn’t want to leave a voicemail, ask him to write a text message to Santa Claus using a call from Santa Claus!

Santa Video Call & Tracker

Like the previous application, it also allows you to send and receive calls and text messages to Santa. Download Santa Video Call & Tracker and see interesting features in the app.

Spoiler: use Naughty Nice Scanner; it tells you if the person you scanned is naughty or nice.

Merry Christmas…

Christmas is a time to celebrate a family reunion. During the winter days and nights, approach each other and feel the warmth of the relationship. Happy times are not completed without shopping and gift shopping.

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