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Stellar Blade hints at a new update coming this week Before its debut, Stellar Blade garnered significant buzz as one of the standout games to watch this year. Less than fou... Continue Reading Hunt: Showdown Will Stop Supporting PS4 and Xbox One in August Amidst a Major Revamp Hunt: Showdown, the highly regarded PvEvP bounty-hunting horror title from developer Crytek, will discontinue service on... Continue Reading Future updates for Helldivers II will be arriving at a more gradual pace In the initial period following the release of Helldivers II, we witnessed significant updates to the game. A new mech w... Continue Reading The Epic Games Store's newest weekly giveaway has been unveiled, and I'm barely able to contain my excitement! Another week of 2024 has vanished from the calendar, and Epic dives into its generous collection of goodies to unveil th... Continue Reading Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus II Revealed, Set to Launch on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S Games Workshop certainly didn't shy away from impressing the audience at this year's Warhammer Skulls Showcase.... Continue Reading Overwatch 2 Set to Introduce Significant Changes to Ranked Mode With Overwatch's third season arriving soon, the team behind the game has been hard at work putting together some si... Continue Reading 3D-Printed Heads Fooled Android Facial Recognition Recently, face recognition has become one of the best ways to unlock your phone or tablet. And even though the fingerpri... Continue Reading