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Top Strategies To Help You Become a Hitman Freelancer Hitman Freelancer is the latest installment in the Hitman franchise, a stealth game developed by IO Interactive. In this game, players take on the role of Agent 47, a master assassin tasked with taking out high-profile targets. As Agent 47, players must use their skills and resources to complete various objectives, from assassinating important figures to infiltrating restricted areas. To become successful as a Hitman Freelancer, players must strategize and think carefully about how they play. In this article, we will provide tips and tricks for becoming a successful Hitman Freelancer. Buy the Cheapest Items from Suppliers One of the best ways to become a successful Hitman Freelancer is to buy the cheapest items from suppliers. This may seem like a strange piece of advice, but it has one great benefit: loot boxes will start spawning much more expensive items when you purchase all the cheapest items. This will help to eliminate the chances of receiving something cheap, and instead, you will get items you don't already have. Use Remote Stun Guns to Your Advantage Another useful tip is to use remote tasers, which can be picked up by guards patrolling the area. When this happens, detonate the stun gun to make the kill. This is a great way to avoid fighting your opponents, as you can easily escape to a safe place and change your clothes. You can even hide in a crate to avoid being seen if you have been spotted. Take Advantage of the Pause Feature In Freelancer mode, players must be hooked to the network to play. However, this doesn't mean that the game can't be paused. There is an option to pause the game, and if you need time to think about your next move, it is worth taking advantage of it. This will give you the opportunity to plan your next move without having to worry about your opponents. Play Every Story Map Before starting the freelancer mode, it is recommended that players play through every story map first. Doing this will help players to become familiar with the inaccessible areas and the map layout. This will make it easier to complete jobs in freelancer mode. Additionally, it is important to remember to earn Merces, which is a currency used to upgrade weapons and purchase items. Finally, make sure to think through which weapons you want to take with you on each mission, as you won't be able to take every weapon. Conclusion In conclusion, becoming successful as a Hitman Freelancer requires strategic thinking and careful planning. By following the tips and tricks outlined in this article, players will be able to become successful in Freelancer mode. From buying the cheapest items from suppliers to playing every story map, there are various ways to increase your chances of success.25 Continue Reading Overwatch 2 Set to Introduce Significant Changes to Ranked Mode With Overwatch's third season arriving soon, the team behind the game has been hard at work putting together some significant changes for its popular Ranked mode. According to Director Aaron Keller, players have been reporting that the current system needs to be more rewarding or allow them to acquire items as quickly as they'd like. As a result, these issues will be addressed in Season 3 and beyond, with various tweaks being made across the board.  One such change involves ultimate abilities and one-shots, two mechanics that often frustrate players after matches. Keller acknowledged this issue and shared that “this is an ongoing discussion” on their team involving how frequently these should occur, along with balancing out hero power levels evenly and in line with their fantasy concept.  On top of all these alterations already mentioned, Keller also disclosed another shift regarding issues surrounding player ranks and why certain matchups were occurring during matches. Again he stated that fans of the game had brought up confusion over this, so adjustments are being made here, too, in order to offer a fairer experience for everyone involved - something we're sure everybody can get behind!  Overall, Overwatch 2 is heading into S3 ready to bring us an even better version of their highly acclaimed title than ever before, thanks largely in part to major improvements being made within its Ranked mode. From trade-off tweaks associated with hero fantasy concepts to addressing player confusion expectations when matchmaking, it's clear not only is Blizzard actively listening, but they're also keen on delivering upon fan feedback whenever possible - something any esports aficionado would surely value immensely!  To sum things up then: Overwatch's third season is set to feature significant changes pertaining mainly towards its beloved ranked mode, which includes updates around ultimate abilities – shot mechanics – hero power levels as well as improved rank tracking/matchmaking capabilities meant solely for offering a more balanced user experience overall. Here's hoping said alterations do indeed prove fruitful once incorporated!25 Continue Reading