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Go Digital: Apps & Tricks to Make Your Life Free of Paper The smart gizmos we use today can liberate you from the tyranny of paper. However, in practice it can be much harder: people are still reluctant to say goodbye to sticky notes, phone books, and other relics from the past. To help you out, we've prepared 5 App Categories that will do wonders at organizing your personal and work life. 1. To-Do Lists Best apps: Todoist, Tick Tick, Workflowy, Any.do To-Do List apps are a thousand times better than regular paper notes. Here's why: you can easily edit, delete or add new list items; instantly share your lists with other people; assign tasks and delegate work; monitor progress; set reminders. Besides, your objectives can be separated into categories: Work, College, Household, Events, Health, and others. All of them are 100% customizable, by the way. 2. Scanning Best apps: MS Office Lens, Scanbot Pro Anything can happen to an important document — coffee stains, loss, termites. It may even get shredded by mistake. And don't forget: sometimes you need to mail it too. To make a backup copy and share docs instantly, you can scan them via your gadget. Whatever it is, a college diploma, birth certificate, or a sick note, it can be turned into a quality image and stored on your phone/PC /cloud storage for good. Some of such apps can decipher scanned symbols and turn them into editable text. 3. E-signature Best apps: Adobe Sign, Topaz Digital documents are becoming mainstream. And there's a way to sign them, without having to start your printer. A digital signature can be put on almost every e-file, including PDF. But first, you'll need to draw it with a mouse/stylus, using one of the special services. 4. File-synching Best Apps: Dropbox, Google Drive, Omega You might have amassed a bundle of important files: receipts, podcasts, e-books, bank statements, and so forth. Sometimes an emergency occurs, and you need a certain file right this second. A file-synching service can save the day: it allows instant access to the data you store in it from any device. Just identify yourself through logging in and get to work. Every major service of that kind offers a free mobile app for both Android/iOS and uncrackable encryption algorithm. 5. Document sharing Best Apps: WeTransfer, Dropbox, SHAREit Sending files via email is burdensome. And you never can guess if the recipient has gotten to the stuff you sent. To make things fast, easy, and monitorable use a sharing file-service. After you upload the data to be shared, it generates a link. When the receiver clicks on it — downloading begins. You can also protect sensitive files with a password or make the link expirable. Hopefully, our tips will make your office a less cluttered area. Remember that not only will you have to empty your trash bin less, but also contribute to nature!25 Continue Reading Born to Be Deleted: Hinge's New Design is for Serious Dating Only Unlike Tinder and its numerous doppelgangers, Hinge seeks to provide a new dating experience to its users. The central idea behind the company's strategy is "It's guaranteed you will delete our app", implying that Hinge adepts will unavoidably find a couple. The app's freshest design is meant to make that promise come true even quicker. The design upgrade has been announced in December 2018. Recently it has become ready to be tested by regular users. According to Tim MacGougan, a person in charge of Hinge development, this is the most positive dating app on the market. Its motto Designed to Be Deleted promises that eventually every Hinge user will end up happily dating someone. So what's the reason behind Hinge getting revamped? On the one hand, we have a dating service, created for mature people who want to establish a long-lasting relationship. On the other hand, it still must be fun to use and retain an attractive GUI. Romance can never be boring after all! At the moment changes include: new colors for the speech bubbles: purple, salmon, grey; intuitive and smooth profile registration; animations that will encourage you to make the profile more complete with more photos, auto-biography, preferences, and hobbies, etc. The last element features a funny short animation of people manually wrecking or blowing the word Hinge away with a hair-dryer. The message is clear — sooner or later you'll have to delete it. According to MacGougan, the company isn't scared of limiting their success and profits by narrowing the target audience. Hinge has been designed for people who want to put the commitment in their relationship and dream of building a firm "union of two loving hearts". It may be not quite useful for those who search for a brief innocent liaison or a one-time thing. And as MacGougan adds: "That's great. We really only want to be attracting people who want to meet somebody and delete dating apps." Whether this strategy will be successful or not, only time can show. As of now, Hinge has been download slightly more than 1 million times, according to Google Play. Meanwhile, the likes of Tinder and Badoo easily score 100+ million downloads each. Probably, this marketing strategy will pay off as more of the mature single people discover the app. Especially now when it outlines one serious thing: somebody's profile can be interesting even if it features only a few pics. App sections that focus on hobbies, dreams, and aspirations have received more room in the recent update.25 Continue Reading