Anti-malware & Antivirus TOP-2019 for iOS and Android

There is a notable growth of requests for applications that can protect mobile devices from unauthorized access, data theft, viruses, and malware. Which of them are really good and worthy? Do we really need them? This review is a mix for iOS and Android. I decided to make it this way to kill two birds with one stone. These operating systems are actually different in how they work in terms of security, and I will prove it later on. Let’s go!


Here goes iOS block. This OS is the most secure itself, but if you need some sort of relief, I will introduce you 3 best applications for that purpose.

Avira Mobile Security

Avira Mobile Security application screenshots

This antivirus is a work of a German developer, so you can automatically judge about its quality from this fact. It gained popularity on desktops due to its focus on catching potentially harmful websites. Same goes for the mobile version. Let’s look at the features.

Avira is allowed to integrate into your contacts and E-mail clients to detect any deleterious activity and personal data leakage. If any infringement is going to happen, Avira instantly blocks it and notifies you about it. At the same time, it automatically backups all your contacts through mailing itself or sending data to your Cloud, which is optional.

Daily updated algorithms are developed to predict phishing attempts from any website, so you will be completely safe while surfing the net.

Additional features provide system storage analysis and security measures reports. The anti-theft option is also provided to help you keep your phone locked in thieve’s hands until you find it with coordinates sent to E-mail automatically.

This app is also available for Android, where it has additional anti-malware features.

McAfee Mobile Security 

McAfee application screenshot

McAfee application provides a very reliable media storage. It is remarkable with the Touch ID and even Face ID compatibility. It means, that you will always have quick access to your images and video recordings stored in this virtual safe. All files pass encryption and can’t be decrypted without your authentications.

Anti-theft module deserves special attention. Like Find Your iPhone app it provides map tracking. It can’t be interrupted by any manipulations, so you will receive coordinates even from a discharged iPhone. Alarm control is also provided. Using it, you can activate loud sound signal from any Apple device. In addition to that, McAfee can insensibly make a selfie of a thieve to send it to you via E-mail immediately. All contacts are frequently backuped and can be distantly deleted in case of a threat. By the way, all features come absolutely for free.

This app is available on Play Market too.

Common Sense

In this paragraph, I would like to tell you about the actual iOS security mechanisms. I didn’t write about any malware firewalls for a reason. The fact is that you simply can’t install any applications by third-party developers, which are not authorized in the App Store. If a potentially harmful application finally gets through and gets installed on your phone (It’s possible on devices with Jailbreak only, but who needs it our days?) there’s no chance for it to reach system. Even security applications are not able to get deeper than Apple allows them to.

The only real threat you may face is social engineering. This phenomenon concerns both iOS and Android users (Mac, Windows, Linux too). It doesn’t need malware to fool you. It uses psychology instead. Some tricky manipulations to get your digits and even touch ID are used. To avoid them you must follow these rules:

  1. One day you may receive an ordinary E-mail from your friend or bank. It would include a phishing link and persuasive arguments. In this case, security apps may save you, or you can simply avoid tapping those links before making sure they are safe.

  2. Input your bank address manually, use an app or search with Google, Bing or Yahoo to avoid accessing fraudulent mirror-websites.

  3. Use different passwords for services. If you do so, hackers won’t be able to access all your accounts by breaking one of them.

  4. Backup data to iCloud, Dropbox, Google drive or else. I think $12 per year is a very low price for data security.

  5. Don’t stick to old versions of OS. Each new update includes up-to-date security protocols.

As you can see, there are more chances for you to fail, than for iOS.


This Google’s OS is a bit less protected, than iOS, because it exposes system files. You can easily access them via a corresponding application. You are allowed (but not suggested) to install apps from unauthorized sources. Just browser for Blablabla APK and here you are. It’s mostly safe but provides thieves with a good occasion to undertake something. Use the rules above and try these tested apps from below.

Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus

Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus application screenshot

Russians know a lot about hacking, if you know what I mean. That’s why Kaspersky Lab deserves trust. Their malware detection algorithms proved to be amongst the best in the world over 20 years.

KMA is able to detect and block any kinds of trojans and viruses. It has an encryption option for your photos and videos. At the same time, it follows all financial operations to prevent you from sharing data with fraudulent mirror-websites. But how are you going to get there, if Kaspersky detects them before you tab a link?

AhnLab V3 Mobile Security 

AhnLab V3 Mobile Security application screenshots

This Korean creation is not very well-known but proves to be a hardworking newcomer. Its main specialization is malware detection. In addition to that, it works with both old (unable to update) and new Android devices.

It comes in very handy in case your phone is stolen. You would receive coordinates via E-mail and be sure, that all photos and videos are encrypted and hidden in a secondary library. You can also change passwords distantly and erase all data from your device. Android doesn’t have a built-in app for that, so AhnLab is up to place.

The Verdict

Hopefully, I clarified the whole picture to you, so now you can feel completely sure to have the situation under control. Remember the rules I listed below, use apps tested by opinion leaders and relax.

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