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Walmart Review. Millions of Great Items, And Great Savings Too!

Walmart app for Android is a tool for shopping and ordering pickup & delivery presented by Walmart Inc. The app is free to use and offers a variety of goods for sale with online payment feature.

Design and navigation: Shopping in Your Pocket

Walmart's mobile app is designed well: categories comfortably spread the goods, the tabs are easy to navigate, and the features are placed almost perfectly in the interface. The app has five main sections, including shopping and cart, and an additional menu for non-essential features. The user interface is very intuitive. You will easily find the exact goods you need and easily use the features available. There are better-designed apps for shopping, though most do not offer such a variety of goods and features.

Features and usability: From Warehouse to Your Door in a Few Taps

The app offers a variety of features for both online and offline shopping. First of all, you can select goods and make an order with delivery or pickup at the store. You can also choose a comfortable time for the pickup so that your goods will be waiting for you. There are options to add goods to favorites, and you will not have to find them through the search tool next time.

As for the offline features, the app allows you to scan products in the store to know their prices. You can also open a store map, not to get lost between the showcases. There is even an item finder tool, allowing you to view, at which stores a particular item is available.

Security: Work Has Been Done

Back in the day, Walmart has been facing some security issues, connected with the storage of data. The information was not encrypted and, therefore, vulnerable to hacker attacks. However, Walmart has been putting proper attention to security issues for the past few years and now the company seems to be pretty secure.

Verdict: Another Shopping App

Walmart has a nice app for shopping, though there are many of them available on the market. Its advantage is the company's size, allowing it to provide a diverse range of goods, but in most cases, it is more beneficial to look for another app. Walmart app might be a good choice for groceries, but no more.


  • A comfortable app, assisting in offline shopping
  • Delivery and pickup services to save your time
  • Diverse range of goods available.


  • There are better alternatives for almost anything other than groceries
  • The app has been part of some security controversies back in the day.

Interface 10

Key Features 10

Usability 10

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